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Kelbie Middleton


Kelbie Middleton

Certified Fitness Trainer & All-Around Athlete

What drove me to want to become a Personal Trainer was my passion to help people be their best and show them that anything is possible, all while challenging myself to be my best as well.

Growing up in Nevada and Oklahoma, I competed in soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball and golf as well as track. I set the Oklahoma state record for the 200-meter dash in 2008. My 10th grade year I was contacted personally and recruited to run for a club track team. During that time, I was on two track teams and training twice a day for two years leading up to when my 4x100 team and I took 1st place in the West coast Junior Olympics earning the title of nationally ranked competitor. In 2015 I set the Nevada state record for the 100-meter dash with a time of 11.76 seconds. After I set the state record in Nevada, I decided to put my track career on hold to pursue my other passion in personal training. I have received my International Fitness Association certification as well as my sports nutrition certification. I recently coached a client that through dedication and hard work lost 100lbs in one year, kept the weight off, and is currently living an active and healthy lifestyle. There will always be an end to the day, when tomorrow comes we cannot dwell on the pains of yesterday.

Favorite Products: ISOPURE® Coffee Espresso Protein Powder.

Favorite Workout: Weighted lunges.