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We're all more than muscle. We are passions amplified. Strength of mind, not just body. Will, as well as power. We are driven to do more, every day, in every way—because body is just the beginning.

An Isopurist that inspires us to perspire. Participating in international powerlifting competitions gave Andy the strength and confidence to overcome his debilitating shyness. Motivated to complete the same vigorous workouts he developed for his training clients, Andy focused on becoming a well-rounded athlete and opened Torque Athletics with the philosophy that fitness is for everyone.


Meet an Isopurist who proves all things are possible when you’re strong at heart. Currently a member of the Harlem Wizards, Clifton builds skills on and off the court. Despite a packed schedule traveling the world playing basketball, he always finds time to visit local parks and offer encouragement to kids who need it.


Meet a man who elevates the art of rolling with the punches. At 41 Harvey has no problem getting in the ring with boxing students half his age. A lifelong passion that started at age 14, Harvey describes boxing as, “a very artistic form of the sport of hitting and not being hit,” and says, “you have to really dig down deep to become the person you want to be in the ring.



Meet a woman whose story packs as much power as her left hook. At 29, despite women competing as boxers in the Olympics for the first time, Heather decided to go pro. “I want to be a champion,” she says, and she is – holding the title 2012 NYC Golden Gloves Champion. The Brooklyn born boxer trains and teaches at the legendary Gleason’s gym, one of the first to allow women in the ring.




Meet a man that shows us it’s possible to leave limits in your dust. The only athlete to run the 400m below 00:45.9 at the stature of 5’5 (in a sport that is all about length of stride), James “approaches every practice as if it were a track meet.” The only member of his family with a Bachelor’s Degree, James says, “this sport has given me the work ethic to stride towards anything in life.


Meet an Isopurist that proves all things are possible when you’re strong at heart. A family tragedy awoke Karim to the brevity of life, motivating him to conquer his struggle with obesity. Despite living on the streets, Karim landed an internship with Russell Simmons that changed his life. Today as a motivational speaker, his  “lifelong commitment is to put a stop to childhood obesity.