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We're all more than muscle. We are passions amplified. Strength of mind, not just body. Will, as well as power. We are driven to do more, every day, in every way—because body is just the beginning.

Though his sports may be solo in nature, this athlete approaches fitness with a team mentality—drawing motivation from CrossFit and martial arts communities, and inspiring adults and kids alike while teaching classes at his own studios, as well as through his work with the McGlannan School for children with learning disabilities.


Some people avoid obstacles – Austin Raye prefers to do a back flip over them. From taking on mind-bending feats of tumbling and parkour, to coming back from two major knee surgeries, Austin’s headfirst approach to conquering challenges is a philosophy that’s served him well in both life and his career as a tumbling coach. 


This dad, husband, son, brother, friend, lawyer and Isopurist was a workout enthusiast his whole life – but had to rebuild his body after a gunshot wound paralyzed him at age 21. With boxing, strength training and weights he muscled back to health and discovered it’s not what you do, it’s how you bring it – positively, and always powering on.


For Maria, climbing started as an escape from the emotional and economic struggles at home. From the moment she first took in the pure air and stunning scenery of the sport at age 15, on the mountain is where she’s happiest. Now this 8-time national bouldering champion spends her time teaching others how to scale to new heights as a rock climbing instructor.


Born in Jamaica and raised in New York, this martial artist got into the sport to stay out of trouble – and ended up hooked for life, getting into World Taekwondo, mixed martial arts and personal training. By working with children and anyone who loves learning, moving and bettering themselves, Raymond is inspired to strive for the best. 


Raised in Atlanta and now living in New York City, this rugby player and filmmaker takes his commitment to teamwork further than the field – motivating others to follow healthy diets and take care of their bodies with the belief that it just takes one spark to start a fire of change, and that with a plan, all progress is possible.