Play Isopure - We're All More Than Muscle - Anthem
We're all more than muscle. We are passions amplified. Strength of mind, not just body. Will, as well as power. We are driven to do more, every day, in every way—because body is just the beginning.

Traveling across the American West to fight wildfires requires Avi and his elite crew to live for weeks at a time in a volatile environment. Photography allows him to document his experiences along the way. And through sheer strength and endurance he is able to persevere, day after day, in one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.


Few people in the world have done more to change the misconception of sharks than Cristina. After more than two decades of rigorous diving, in often extreme conditions, the water is where Cristina feels most at home and in focus. The sharks she’s come to know over the years are part of her family.


A seasoned Los Angeles lifeguard who faces life or death situations daily, Joshua’s love for the ocean and ability to stay balanced are what keep him going. For him, fitness is not an option, but the force that fuels his passion.