Banana & Spinach Whey Protein Pancakes | Isopure® Recipe
Banana & Spinach Protein Pancakes

Banana & Spinach Protein Pancakes

These mouth-watering protein pancakes are the perfect breakfast for active people. Best made with Isopure® Whey Protein Isolate Unflavored.
Isopure Unflavored Powder 1 Cup
Brown rice flour 1/2 Cup
Baking powder 2 Tsp
Spinach 2 Cups
Egg  1
Milk 1 Cup
Place all the ingredients in a blender and pulse till well incorporated. Pour about 4-5 tablespoons of batter into a greased pan on a low-medium flame (the flame need to be low enough so the pancakes don't burn but still cook -might take a sacrificed pancake or two at first). Let pancake cook for 3-4 minutes, flip and let cook another 2-3 minutes. Repeat with the rest of the batter. Top with bananas, strawberries, syrup or any toppings you desire.
Isopure® Whey Protein Isolate Unflavored