Cheesecake| Isopure Whey Protein Powder Recipe


Isopure Zero Carb Vanilla Cream Powder 2 Scoops
Sugar-Free Cheesecake Instant Pudding Mix 2/3 Package
Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt 3 Cups
Splend™ Liquid Sweetener (Splenda Zero™ is a trademark of Heartland Consumer Products LLC) 2 Tsps (30g)
Eggs 2 Eggs
Strawberries 1 Cup

-Add all ingredients (except strawberries) to a large mixing bowl

-Use a hand mixer to combine all ingredients until smooth and batter has thickened. You may need to let the bowl rest for 5-10 minutes for it to thicken**

-Coat an 8x8 spring-form pan with baking spray and pour the batter into the pan

-Bake at 350 Degrees | 180 Celsius for around **25 minutes**

Let cool, and then cover the pan with tin foil and refrigerate for at least one hour

Before serving add fresh cut strawberries as a garnish

Because culinary technique may vary, the nutritional information provided for this recipe is estimated and should not be construed as a guarantee.

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