Cherry Pie Recovery Oats (High Protein) | Isopure® Recipe
Cherry Pie Recovery Oats

Cherry Pie Recovery Oats

Refuel with a hot bowl of these Cherry Pie Recovery Oats. Tastes just like dessert! Made with Isopure® Aminos and Creamy Vanilla Protein Powder.
Isopure Aminos  1 Scoop
Creamy Vanilla protein powder 1 Scoop
Milk (almond, rice, coconut) 1 Cup
Cherries 1/2 Cup
Oats 1 Cup
Almonds (sliced) 1/4 Cup
In a medium size bowl, mix together oats, milk, Aminos and protein powder. Microwave for approximately 3 minutes and then let stand for another minute. Top with cherries and almonds. Enjoy!