Yogurt and Chia Covered Frozen Grapes | Isopure® Recipe
Yogurt and Chia Covered Frozen Grapes

Yogurt and Chia Covered Frozen Grapes

Easy to make and naturally sweet, keep these in your freezer for when ice cream cravings strike.
Isopure Natural Flavor Vanilla 1 Scoop
Grapes 40
Vanilla Greek yogurt 5.3 oz
Chia seeds 3 Tbsp
Poke each grape with a toothpick, opposite the end with the hole that was attached to the stem. Mix the yogurt with the protein powder until smooth. Pour the chia seeds into a cereal bowl. Dip each grape in the yogurt mixture and then carefully twirl in the chia seeds. Place on a cutting board lined up with parchment paper. Freeze for at least 90 min. Enjoy!

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